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UKPunting Ban
(02-05-2017, 22:38)Jessie45 Wrote: I remember at the age of 16 when my boyfriend fingered me. Later I heard him telling all his friends.

The guys on UKP are just like that.

LOL. I've never really looked into UKP since I don't escort, but that tells me all I need to know Big Grin
I was banned on that website too! i only try to replay at a negative feedback about me. Today I got text message from one of the idiots who use that site: "why you don t kiss, bad review on ukpunting" and "hope you bleed to death, bitch"
why adultwork alow this, why they alow the link of the profiles to have a copy of that site????
There is a small original core group that are not very nice people.
The site originally set up by user 'NIK' who comes across as quite horrible. Has very poor attitude towards women and if you have access to the Off Topic area, you will see that he and his few followers like 'jimmyredcab' and 'hillingdonpete' are disgusting in their views to Ordinary Muslims.
NIK has apparently written a book. Urban dictionary does not reguard him very highly

The site is now owned by Adam - I don't know a great deal about him.
I believe the user 'James999' is Adam or Admin in disguise. 'Alicat' may also be Admin

The site is coming from Brea in California but I don't know where Adam lives.

There are good people on there
I find it disgusting how many will be cruel to girls that post there calling them fat or highlighting any imperfection a girl might have (in their eyes)
I'll join this thread as i was banned today for giving back as good as i got.  After trying to leave some friendly posts (all of which are still available so anyone can see them and confirm i wasn't being a twat), i was banned with no real explanation why except the word "Troll" which i find laughable.
The last post i left was a big long review of a WG - which apparently went down well as someone replied and asked a question - but now i'm blocked i won't be able to reply.

Oh well, no big loss because although there are some decent people, there's the few who just rip into anyone about anything - yet they don't get banned?
I'll keep my feedback/comments for a site where people act like a community instead of one-against-many

yeah this has just happened to me, for supposedly 'trolling'... I'd love to know how, what and why etc etc

The owner or guy who runs the forum must be on a banning spree..

hope everyones ok Wink
Funnily enough they banned me recently as well. I honestly think they would rather unregistered people browsed the site so they still get there advertising money and dont get the hassle of registered people posting something they dont like. Bunch of idiots
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Don,t worry bud , i ,ve been banned to .

Was,nt being rude, nasty ,either....

Seems your very lucky " NOT". To receive a ban from that site.

Very poor really
Nobody cares about UKP here. It's actually a good thing people get banned from there, it means they just 'might' have the smallest ounce of respect for the SWs, and when they find their way here they can learn a thing or two about having better experiences.

Little blessings.
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They're all dicks on there with no life anyway. I've been banned too. Now I cannot sign in with another profile as they block proxies, including Hoxx and Hola.
Snap, I was banned for a joke, someone got a bit upset and banded me Smile

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