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What does Adult Work pay for for you?
I have been selling my knickers on ebay like on the side of my full time job and haven't earnt that much just like a bit of extra spending money could make about £50-£100 a week if i sold like 5 pairs.

Anyway i recently have been made redundant from my office job and as i used to be a cam girl a time ago i cam accross aw and looking to get bk in to it. I just wanna know what adult work pays for for you?
Like i have my rent (not much as i still live at home so only £25 a wk)
Car (insurance is £800 a year but i pay in full) but petrol costs
Spending money? for like social activites and clothes etc

is there any chance i could earn just as much doing it as i could having a full time job? like is this all you do or do you do this aside another job?
Im not expecting like to get rich from it but enough to live comfortabley have a few holidays etc


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What does Adult Work pay for for you? - by Rebecca - 02-02-2013, 18:43
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RE: What does Adult Work pay for for you? - by xKatieBabyx - 02-02-2013, 22:30

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