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Is my Adultwork account being held hostage?
It may seem like a line from a spoof movie but in all seriousness, I havent been able to work for 4 days, I have sent my ID countless times to people I dont even know anymore its that frustrating. I have been told hands down that my account was being transferred so I can work again, its all I want to do, I have bills to pay. I asked Adultwork last night have they got the request, this morning I got an email saying no such request exists but my group manager insists he has sent it and now hes trying to sell me on the idea of joining his new group!

I am completely lost and dont know what to do, I fear he will not let my profile go unless I join his new group, but I am afraid his new group will just get banned like the last one. I cannot even delete my own profile because he just reactivates it and the new one gets deactivated instead.

Can someone help please? Im tired, run down and really have no idea what I am going to do. Im being lied to by someone in this mess.

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Is my Adultwork account being held hostage? - by NubbleTeen - 14-01-2018, 11:06

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