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Admin Urgent dailypay - Mistress_Silk - 15-11-2019

Hi, I spoke to someone on phone yesterday and was told that I would be processed then regarding dailpay on c4s but am still waiting and was also informed that the reason I have been waiting over 2 weeks was due to my form apparently going missing. I have to say at this point I am pretty upset, I needed that money yesterday  and was under the impression that it was just a case of confirmation and then I could request payout so I do not understand why it still seems there is a problem despite me providing login details (profile name, username, email, password, store i.d) and filling out the form yet again yesterday. I am still Mistress Silk on C4S.

RE: Admin Urgent dailypay - admin - 15-11-2019

Hi, just seeing this now sorry. Replied to whatsapp earlier and sent first pay for you. Im not sure what the hold up was sorry.

Thanks for letting me know.