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Romanians putting "Nationality" as "British" - TheLegendofBentCock - 23-07-2019

I've seen several profiles that are clearly those of Romanians putting their nationality as "British" now. Is this their new thing?

RE: Romanians putting "Nationality" as "British" - admin - 24-07-2019

Hi, there is no way to trick the AW verification system itself but there have been instances in which a British person will open an account, verify it then sell it on to a non British person.

If AW are alerted to it the account will receive a permanent ban instantly.

Feel free to report any profiles you believe to be non genuine.

RE: Romanians putting "Nationality" as "British" - peteraonfilm - 09-08-2019

Now we can pick our gender and our nationality.

Kudos to choices.