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SESTA/FOSTA and - admin - 17-04-2018

This thread is being created to keep any discussion in one place regarding the following message:

"Dear Member

It is with regret that we have to inform you that we will no longer be able to support your membership of  No doubt you will be up to speed with the news regarding SESTA and FOSTA.

The legal advice we have received is that until such time as the position is clearer, we are to suspend all advertisements on, regardless of what services are actually being advertised.

Clearly this situation has wide reaching implications and is far from ideal for all concerned.  We are sorry we cannot take a more robust stance in this matter as is usually 'our way'.

We would like to thank you for your custom and loyalty and wish you every success with your endeavours henceforth.


The Team


This message will be sent to all US members due to the new laws in the US.

A free (-30%) final cashout service is being provided by The Dailypay Service here.

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - BITCHDOM - 17-04-2018

Is that the end of Adultwork in the uk?

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - admin - 17-04-2018

Hi, only for US members.

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - lucyloo - 17-04-2018

Sorry... Going to sound really dumb now...

What's that all about? I have no idea what any of that means!


RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - BITCHDOM - 17-04-2018

There are new laws in the US forbidding any business or person that promotes adult work or escorting. So working girls now have nowhere to advertise online or in magazines. The US goevernment claim it's to stop sex trafficking.

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - MsClara_Wilde - 17-04-2018

Only a matter of time before it hits UK.

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - BITCHDOM - 17-04-2018

Yes, I reckon! But as admin put up the first post without clarifying it was for US only, I thought it had hit UK x

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - Jennifer1990 - 17-04-2018

I'd not heard anything about it until just researching it just now.

I've gotta say this article scared me a little, about Microsoft potentially watching our Skype calls! What will we do if/when Skype nudity gets banned?!

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - admin - 17-04-2018

Hi, I believe its already against Skype TOS to show nudity on it. (search keyword nudity)

RE: SESTA/FOSTA and - Jennifer1990 - 17-04-2018

Well that's us screwed!...