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Full Version: Whats with prostitutes not answering their emails?
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There are prostitutes in my area who don't answer any emails even those with the "available today" light on Angry

I don't understand whats wrong with these stupid, stupid bitches Angry

I haven't had sex in over too months all I want to do is have sex NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They possibly dont like what you have sent them, they dont have to reply to people they dont want to, maybe try a parlour or the streets, that will cut out the emails altogether .
I've been to my local parlour, I found it uncomfortable and I could hear the other men having sex! It was kinda gross, also I was a bit on edge as I didn't know whether the other punters were respectable or thugs.

I mean, working as a prostitute they should be a bit more thick skinned if they don't like what I've sent them, well, that's nothing compared to being PENETRATED!
Is it coming up that they have read them?

Service providers get alot of emails, hundreds a day, every day. There comes a point where they stop replying to everyone and they can pick and chose who to reply to and offer their services to.
Jesus Christ, no wonder they ignore you if the messages you send are anything like the way you speak about them on here..?
Phone them. I ignore most of my emails these days, since I can get up to 50 a day and it's usually guys asking about things that are clearly on my profile or they just want to play ping pong message. I had one earlier, supposedly from a 'woman' going into great detail about wanting her husband to be honeytrapped. When I asked her to discuss it over the phone... well surprise surprise, no response.
They are so picky and fussy. You'd have thought prostitutes were a sure thing. They either haven't got their number on their profile, and/or haven't logged in for months yet leave their profiles up, have a huge list of specific things they like and dislike, aren't available on the days I am and generally underwhelming.

Out of a whole page of profiles in my area only 2 very mediocre ones are contactable. 1 spoilt fussy average looking English one and 1 retarded Romanian Romanian whore.

I'll probably book the Romanian and take my frustration out on her...haha!
Yikes.. Poor girl. Glad I won't ever have to see you..
(22-07-2019, 12:59)Gracie_Rocks Wrote:

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Yikes.. Poor girl. Glad I won't ever have to see you..

Thank f*** I don't offer to escort! I think the little Cherub might just be getting a kick out of trying to cause "controversy" with his venus flytrap.
No wonder he has to pay for it lol!
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