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Full Version: JCI Error: Sorry, theres a problem...
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Getting the error "Sorry, theres a problem... This member is unable to perform for you at this time" on Adultwork Justcamit / Directcam?


[Image: Whats-App-Image-2019-02-26-at-22-17-47.jpg]

Did you just leave a shady group? Perhaps called London Gems or London Sapphires? They have a real nasty habit of messing up the settings of your account before you leave and one of them being blocking the UK from camming with you. To fix this login to AW and go here then scroll down to the UK and untick the box. They also change other settings like advertising on your account to off position so be sure to check them all or ask an admin to check for you.
I'm sure I heard years ago that they do this sort of stuff to performers that want to leave them. Hard to believe they still get away with it.
Crazy that no action has been taken against them.